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Updated 2001-04-19

Oil pollution and oil biodegradation in the inner part of Kandalaksha Bay and adjacent areas.

This is not a National Implementation Plan (NIP) project
Comments and additional information:

The main goal of project - to have information about oil biodegradition rates in situ during full year.

Time frame

Project time span
1992 -
Data collection
1991 - 1992
Data processing
1992 - 2000
Data reporting
1992 - 2001

Contact information

Contact person
Vladimir V. Il'inskii
Chair of Hydrobiology, Biological Department, Moscow State Lomonosov University, Vorob'evi gori, 119899, Moscow, RUSSIA
(095) 939-25-73
Other project contacts

Parameters and Media

Parameter groups measured/observed/modelled
Biological effects
Petroleum hydrocarbons
Media sampled/studied/modelled
Marine sediments
Seawater/suspended particulate matter
Additional information or further specification of types of data / information collected, species / tissues / organs sampled, etc.

Water column and surface layer of sediments.


Regions studied
Marine TDC
Marine TDC
Other areas
Kandalaksha Bay, Inner part, Kandalaksha City marine area
Stations or areas where observations are made

St. 40. Lat. 67o07'07", Long. 32o19'03" St. 27. Lat. 67o05'08", Long. 32o34'04" St. Kol. Lat. 67o04'30", Long. 32o51'08" St. Luv. Lat. 67o05'58", Long. 32o41'30" St. Kan. Lat. 67o07'00", Long. 32o16'40" St. 3. Lat. 67o05'50", Long. 32o20'30" St. 12. Lat. 67o03'90", Long. 32o19'60" St. 32. Lat. 67o06'60", Long. 32o26'00"

Data availability

Are data archived or planned to be archived at an AMAP Thematic Data Centre?
Data centres
Marine TDC
If no (or only part of data are reported to a TDC), where and how are (other) data stored?
Word 97 Dates: water temperature; hydrocarbon concentration (IK-spectroscopy)in water, sediments and ice; salinity, phosphate, silicate and nitrate concentrations in water; hydrocarbon-oxidizing activity of bacterioplankton; Dates may be partly available after agreement with authors.
References to key publications (or planned publications) and data reports
Heterotrophic bacterioplankton: ecology and role in environmental self-purification processes from oil pollution. Thesis of D.Sc.dissertation, Moscow St. Lomonosov Univ., 2000. 53 pp. Rapid radionuclide determination of activity of microorganisms in natural water. Microbiology, 1994, Vol. 63, No. 5, p. 520-523 (1995 Plenum Publishing Corporation, N.Y.) Complex estimation of oil pollution in the inner part of Kandalaksha Bay and oil biodegradation effects during summer time. Problems of research, rational using and protection of White Sea natural resources.Proceed. of 5 regional conf., Petrozavodsk, 1992. P. 65 - 67. DISTRIBUTION AND ACTIVITY OF HYDROCARBON-OXIDIZING BACTERIA IN CENTRAL POLAR BASIN, KARA AND WHITE SEAS. V.V.Il’inskii, M.N.Semenenko* 2000. 19 pp. in press.
Samples/specimens archived in specimen banks?
Specimen banking information


Methods & Procedures

Procedures and methodology used for, e.g., sampling and sample storage, sample pretreatment, extraction and analysis, including which laboratories are involved, references to methods employed, etc.

Hydrocarbon-oxidizing activity in water samples were measure at in situ temperature with using 14C-hydrocarbons one hour after sampling; hydrochemical parameters were measured with using standart methods; samples of sediments were analysed one month after expedition, this samples were conservate with freezing; extraction of hydrocarbons from water samples produced one hour after sampling with using CCl4.

Additional Information

Is this a bi- AND multi-lateral project (i.e. a project involving cooperation between different countries)?
Other institutes involved in the project


Is this project reporting to other organizations/programmes?

White Sea Foundation, which now absent.

Other related projects


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