The Swedish National Forest Inventory

Updated 2017-10-16

This project was previously a part of the project: National Survey of Forest Soils and Vegetation.

The Swedish National Forest Inventory (NFI) has the task of describing the state and changes of Sweden's forests. The inventory gathers basic information on forests, forest stand conditions and vegetation. Regularly monitored variables are: forest state, injuries, growth, logging operations, new forest stand, and environmental assessment. There is a close collaboration between the NFI and the Swedish Forest Soil Inventory (SFSI).

This is not a National Implementation Plan (NIP) project
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Monitoring proceeds in five-year intervals. Forest state variables include list of tree species, wood dimension, maturity class, and tree age. The forest injuries variables are described by needle loss and tree injuries. The new forest stands are defined as an age of forest clearings and thicket stage. The environmental assessment includes an old growth forest, large trees and deciduous intermixtures, and coarse Woody debris reporting.

Time frame

Project time span
1923 - 2099
Data collection
1923 - 2017
Data processing
1923 - 2017
Data reporting
1923 - 2017

Contact information

Contact person
Jonas Fridman

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Department of Forest Resources Management, Box 7001, 750 07 Uppsala Sweden

Other project contacts

Ola Inghe, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency S-106 48 Stockholm Sweden, Phone: +46106981571, E-mail:

Tove Lundeberg (AMAP representative) Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Phone: +46106981611, E-mail:

Parameters and Media

Parameter groups measured/observed/modelled
Biological effects
Media sampled/studied/modelled
Higher plants
Additional information or further specification of types of data / information collected, species / tissues / organs sampled, etc.

tree, vegetation, plant species, site conditions


Regions studied
Biological effects

Data availability

Are data archived or planned to be archived at an AMAP Thematic Data Centre?
If no (or only part of data are reported to a TDC), where and how are (other) data stored?

Results, mainly as tables and maps, are readily on SLU hompage: (


References to key publications (or planned publications) and data reports

Publications are available on SLU's website: ( 

and (

Publications are available on the Swedish EPA DiVA portal: (

Samples/specimens archived in specimen banks?

Methods & Procedures

Procedures and methodology used for, e.g., sampling and sample storage, sample pretreatment, extraction and analysis, including which laboratories are involved, references to methods employed, etc.

For more information contact project leader:

Additional Information

Is this a bi- AND multi-lateral project (i.e. a project involving cooperation between different countries)?
Is this project reporting to other organizations/programmes?

Swedish EPA, National Board of Forestry, FAO/FRA

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