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The Minister of the Interior is responsible for centrally administrating maritime, harbour and lighthouse affairs, except where otherwise provided for in a different law. The IMA, with a staff of around 70, handles numerous activities in the field of maritime administration and supervision, such as operation of lighthouses and navigational systems, vessel registration and supervision of ship surveys, manning and certification. The IMA also conducts research into ship stability and ship and harbour security and harbour development, coastal changes and coastal protection. Main gaps: Not specified Network type: ‐ Thematic observations in mainfields

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Hermann Guðjónsson Director General

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A Wide Range of Maritime Tasks. The IMA handles seamen’s certification and crew issues. Furthermore, it administrates the activities of manning and dispensation committees, and registration of seamen, professional diving and pilots’ certificates. The IMA is responsible for preparing and publicizing the adoption of new maritime legislation. It also publishes marine safety training materials and promotes training in other ways. Vessel registration is the oldest task at the IMA, which has a statutory responsibility for maintaining the main register of ships. Research and Development: Harbour and coastal research, environmental research and research relating to the safety of ships and crews. Research contributing to the safety of seafarers and right decisions in selecting solutions in coastal construction. Basic plans and model experiments regarding improvements in ports and harbour channels carried out according to the work programme of the government’s transport policy as well as the programme of the safety of seafarers. The Icelandic Maritime Administration’s (IMA) weather and sea state information system increases safety for seafarers and contributes to more efficient fishing. The system is based on both real-time measurements and forecasts. The IMA website ( provides updated information every hour about weather and sea state, weather and sea level height in harbors, and wave height inside and outside harbors, using data from wave measurement buoys, operated by the IMA, and automatic weather stations at lighthouses and in harbors. Besides real-time information on the weather and sea state, forecasts are also given for wave height and the weather for several days, together with, tides, tidal currents and storm surge. Predictions are based on weather forecasts and the ocean wave forecast from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, in cooperation with the Icelandic Meteorological Office. Due to increased oil and LNG transport from Russia and Norway towards North America, wave and weather forecasting has been extended to cover the new sailing route in the northern Atlantic from the Barents Sea to the southernmost part of Greenland. The forecasts have been extended up to five days for weather forecasts and seven days for wave forecasts updated twice a day.

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Siglingastofnun ‐ Icelandic Maritime Administration, IMA (IMA)

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The IMA participates in a wide range of international cooperation. It represents Iceland in all relations with the IMO (International Maritime Organization), EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency), IALA (International Association of Lighthouse Authorities) and PIANC Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses), and also takes part in relevant EEA/EU meetings. The IMA is responsible for Port State Control, and foreign relations in respect of it. Furthermore, it participates in consultation meetings with sister organizations in the other Nordic countries. Networks: European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA AISM), Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses (PIANC), International Maritime Organization (IMO), European Environment Agency (EEA)

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