Shrimp taxonomy and ecology - associations and distribution of cryptic shimps in the coral reef environment

Updated 2003-06-24

This project aims to reveal more understanding in the species diversity and distribution of cryptic shrimps in coral reefs. Since these shrimps associate with other invertebrates to find food and shelter, they are often species specific in their choice of host organism. This is an important limiting factor in their distribution that is studied. Also the some 'species complex' found among shrimps inhabiting sea anemones are studied if they are separate species or not, using both taxonomical and ecological data! The impact of habitat diversity on the speciation of these associated shrimps is also studied. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Areas studied: The taxonomy and ecology of the shrimp fauna in three geographically different areas of the Indian Ocean - Inhaca Island, Moçambique, Phuket Island, Thailand and the coast of Western Australia.

Time frame

Project time span
1990 - 2010
Data collection
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Matz S. Berggren
Kristineberg Marine Research Station 450 34 Fiskebäckskil Sweden
+46 523 185 32
+46 523 185 02

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Regions studied
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Other areas
Indian Ocean

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Methods & Procedures

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