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Updated 2000-06-30

Research at the DoD’s U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) Activities Supported by Base Funds in FY2000 In FY2000, ARO has continued to sponsor extramural basic research directed towards the physics, mechanics, and dynamics of snow, ice, and frozen ground. This program does not support environmental change research directly, however many of the research results are applicable to a program like SEARCH. During FY00, SEARCH-related research efforts focus on: - Scale effects on the mechanical properties of fresh and saline ice, including compression and adhesion - Improving the fundamental understanding of subsurface flow, transport, and fate of contaminants in cold environments Outlook to FY2001 ARO will continue to support basic research that improves the understanding of snow, ice, and frozen ground properties and processes.

This is not a National Implementation Plan (NIP) project
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FY2000 = $200,000 FY2001 = $200,000

Time frame

Project time span
not specified
Data collection
not specified
Data processing
not specified
Data reporting
not specified

Contact information

Contact person
Russell Harmon
U.S. Army Research Office P.O. Box 12211 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA
Other project contacts
Jackie Richter-Menge U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory 72 Lyme Road Hanover, NH 03755 Phone: +1-603-646-4266

Parameters and Media

Not specified


Regions studied
None specified

Data availability

Are data archived or planned to be archived at an AMAP Thematic Data Centre?
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Methods & Procedures

Not specified

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U.S. Army Research Office U.S. Army U.S. Department of Defense

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