Morphogenetic and morphodynamics conditions of development of the coast of the NW part of Wedel Jarlsberg Land (Spitsbergen) in the late Vistulian and Holocene (MORCOAST)

Updated 2012-08-28

Arctic coast is extremely sensitive and important area of interaction between land and sea. The diagnosis of the mechanisms governing the polar zone is of fundamental importance for tracing the evolution of the coast caused by climate change. Diagnosis of morphogenesis and morphodynamics of the polar coast becomes important in recent years, a research priority, not only from the scientific point of view, but also practical. Therefore, the key aims of the project include: - determining the dynamics of morphogenetic processes with particular emphasis on marine processes within the coastal zone in the context of climate change after the Little Ice Age (LIA) and the development of model of the coast functioning during this period. - to try to reference this model to the development of the coast at the turn of Vistulian and Holocene (14-8 ka) by defining the stages of shaping the shoreline including glaciizostatic and eustatic and elements of tectonical and lithological features of the coastal zone.

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2011 -
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2011 -
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2011 -
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2011 -

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Piotr Zagórski

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Seawater/suspended particulate matter


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Calypsobyen Station

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shore line changes (GPS measurement), coastal dynamics, impact of glacial and paraglacial processes on transformation of the raised marine terrace, degree on transformation of the raised marine terraces, sources of supply of material to the coastal zone and the conditions of its distribution, fjord bathymetry and bottom sediment characteristics

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Marie Curie-Sklodowska University (UMCS)

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