Monitoring of broadband longwave and shortwave radiance at METNO Arctic stations

Updated 2016-05-26

    These observations was originally funded through IPY projects (iAOOS-Norway and IPYTHORPEX), they are now maintained by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. The observations at Bjørnøya started April 2008, Jan Mayen October 2008 and Hopen is scheduled 2009.

    Objectives are:

    1. Provision of algorithm tuning and validation data for EUMETSAT OSISAF radiative fluxes products (
    2. Provision of validation data for numerical weather prediction models.
    3. Generation of time series for use in time series analysis of atmospheric radiative conditions.
    4. Validation data for studying ocean and atmosphere heat exchange processes using bulk parameterisations.
    Comments and additional information:

    Live update of data on the web stopped late 2015 due to a change in the communication process. When this process is completed at all stations, this live display will be restarted.

    Time frame

    Project time span
    2007 -
    Data collection
    2008 -
    Data processing
    2008 -
    Data reporting
    not specified

    Contact information

    Contact person
    Øystein Godøy -

    Øystein Godøy

    Norwegian Meteorological Institute

    P.O.BOX 43, Blindern

    NO-0313 OSLO


    +47 9802 4433

    Parameters and Media

    Parameter groups measured/observed/modelled
    Climate change effects
    Media sampled/studied/modelled


    Regions studied
    Climate change effects
    Climate change effects
    Climate change effects

    Data availability

    Data availability and access

    Data are freely available, but as of mid 2016, the data stream is under reimplementation. Information will be updated when new end points are available.

    Samples/specimens archived in specimen banks?

    Methods & Procedures

    Procedures and methodology used for, e.g., sampling and sample storage, sample pretreatment, extraction and analysis, including which laboratories are involved, references to methods employed, etc.

    Downward broadband shortwave and longwave radiance at the surface is measured using Kipp and Zonen CMP21 and CGR4 sensors. Data are transmitted in real time to Oslo, Norway for quality control and reformatting into NetCDF/CF. Instruments are located at the Arctic meteorological stations operated by METNO and the radiance values can be collocated with standard synoptic weather measurements.

    Additional Information

    Is this a bi- AND multi-lateral project (i.e. a project involving cooperation between different countries)?
    Other institutes involved in the project

    Norwegian Metereological Institute (METNO)

    Other related projects

    EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice SAF (

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