LAPBIAT-Lapland Atmosphere-Biosphere facility

Updated 2017-05-02

The main objective of the facility is to enhance the international scientific co-operation at the seven Finnish research stations and to offer a very attractive and unique place for multidisciplinary environmental and atmospheric research in the most arctic region of the European Union. Factors such as, arctic-subarctic and alpine-subalpine environment, northern populations, arctic winters with snow, changes in the Earth's electromagnetic environment due to external disturbances and exceptionally long series of observations of many ecological and atmospheric variables should interest new users.

Time frame

Project time span
2001 - 2004
Data collection
not specified
Data processing
not specified
Data reporting
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Contact information

Contact person
Jyrki Manninen

Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory Tahtelantie 62 FIN-99600 SODANKYLA, FINLAND

Other project contacts

Finnish Meteorological Institute: Kevo Subarctic Research Institute: Kilpisjärsi Biological Station: Kolari Research Station: Oulanka Biological Station: SMEAR I Station:

Parameters and Media

Not specified


Regions studied
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Stations or areas where observations are made

Finnish Meteorological Institute-Arctic Research Centre, Sodankylä, Finland Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, Finland Kevo Subarctic Research Institute, Finland Kilpisjärsi Biological Station, Finland Kolari Research Station, Finland Oulanka Biological Station, Finland SMEAR I Station at Värriö, Finland

Data availability

Data availability and access


Finnish Meteorological Institute's National satellite data centre provides easy access to latest satellite data from Baltic Sea region and Nothern Hemisphere, dedicated data products unveiling the changes in Arctic environment and supports world wide research activites of Arctic conditions.

Samples/specimens archived in specimen banks?

Methods & Procedures

Not specified

Additional Information

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