Investigations on the diversity and role of microphytobenthos in marine and freshwater food webs.

Updated 2003-04-01

The main research goal of this project is focused on trophic interactions within microbenthic communities in aquatic systems. Grazer-microalgae interactions are investigated by conducting field and laboratory experiments in order to get a closer idea of the microphytobenthos community structure itself. Especially the role of morphological and physiological adaptations of microalgae in the presence of specific meio- and macrofaunal predators are of great interest. In addition to that we have devised a new benthic sensor for the quantitative and qualitative assessment in situ of diverse populations of microphytobenthos with high spatial and temporal resolution, enabling rapid evaluation of the community structure and distribution.

Time frame

Project time span
2001 - 2004
Data collection
not specified
Data processing
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Data reporting
not specified

Contact information

Contact person
Karen Helen Wiltshire
Dr. Karen Helen Wiltshire Biologische Anstalt Helgoland Alfred-Wegener Institut Kurpromenade 27498 Helgoland Germany
+49 (0)4725 819238
+49 (0)4725 819283
Other project contacts
Nicole Aberle

Parameters and Media

Not specified


Regions studied
Biologische Anstalt Helgoland

Data availability

Samples/specimens archived in specimen banks?

Methods & Procedures

Not specified

Additional Information

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