Heavy metals in Grouse species

Updated 2000-11-20

Study changes in liver concentrations of Cd, Pb, Hg, Cu and Zn in Lagopus lagopus and Tetrao tetrix between the time periods 1990/91 and 2000/01

This is not a National Implementation Plan (NIP) project

Time frame

Project time span
not specified
Data collection
2000 - 2001
Data processing
2001 - 2002
Data reporting
2002 - 2002

Contact information

Contact person
John Atle Kålås
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research Tungasletta 2 N-7485 Trondheim Norway

Parameters and Media

Parameter groups measured/observed/modelled
Heavy metals
Other metals/elements
Media sampled/studied/modelled
Terrestrial birds
Terrestrial mammals
Additional information or further specification of types of data / information collected, species / tissues / organs sampled, etc.

Liver samples


Regions studied
Other metals/elements
Stations or areas where observations are made

Approximately 100 stations distributed all over Norway, approx. 20 of them situated north of the polar circle

Data availability

Are data archived or planned to be archived at an AMAP Thematic Data Centre?
If no (or only part of data are reported to a TDC), where and how are (other) data stored?
Data will be published as an appendix in the final report.
References to key publications (or planned publications) and data reports
The results will be published in NINA-Oppdragsmelding, Norwegian Inst for Nature Res., Trodheim, Norway.
Samples/specimens archived in specimen banks?

Methods & Procedures

Procedures and methodology used for, e.g., sampling and sample storage, sample pretreatment, extraction and analysis, including which laboratories are involved, references to methods employed, etc.

General information about methods can be found in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 36: 251-270, and Environmental Pollution 107: 21-29

QA/QC Information (what QA/QC procedures are implemented, laboratories involvment in QA/QC activities, model verification/validation routines, etc.)

See above mentioned referenses

Additional Information

Is this a bi- AND multi-lateral project (i.e. a project involving cooperation between different countries)?
Is this project reporting to other organizations/programmes?

The project is a part of the Norwegian 'Monitoring Programme for Terrestrial Ecosystems' organised and financed by the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management.

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