ENVISAT AO - ID:126: Validation of ENVISAT-1 level-2 products related to lower atmosphere O3 and NOy chemistry by an FTIR

Updated 2003-06-26

The project will provide a long-term, pseudo-global validation support to the ENVISAT-1 atmospheric measurements, based on mutually consistent high-quality solar and lunar observations from FTIR spectrometers operated at primary and a number of complementary NDSC stations. The validation is limited to a number of target species, most of which are primary NRT or OL level-2 products of the mission, with focus on NOy components: O3, NO2, NO, N2O, HNO3, HNO4, H2CO, CO and CH4. Synergistic use will be made of column and profile data from MIPAS, GOMOS and SCIAMACHY. The ground network will deliver mean vertical column abundances for all target species with NDSC-type quality, and height profile information for some target gases as secondary products to the PI's home institute, where the correlative analyses with the ENVISAT-1 products will be done. Asynoptic mapping tools will support the validation efforts.

Time frame

Project time span
2000 - 2005
Data collection
not specified
Data processing
not specified
Data reporting
not specified

Contact information

Contact person
Martine M.H.J. De Mazière
Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB) Avenue Circulaire/Ringlaan, 3 B-1180 Brussels Belgium
+32 2 373 03 63
+32 2 374 84 23
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Parameters and Media

Parameter groups measured/observed/modelled
Climate change effects
Media sampled/studied/modelled


Regions studied
Climate change effects
Climate change effects
Climate change effects
Climate change effects
Climate change effects
Stations or areas where observations are made

The sites and locations are: (1) in northern polar and sub-polar regions: - Eureka, Canada (80.05°N, 86.42°W, 610m alt.) operated by AES, - Ny-Ålesund (78.5°N, 11.93°E, 20m alt.) operated by AWI, - Kiruna (67.80°N, 20.4°E, 419m alt.) operated jointly by IRF/IMK/STEL, - Harestua (60.2°N, 10.8°E, 580m alt.) operated by IVL. (2) at northern mid-to-low latitudes: - Jungfraujoch, Swiss Alps (46.55°N, 8.0°E, 3560m alt.) operated by ULG/BIRA-IASB, - Zugspitze, German Alps (47.48°N, 11.06°E, 2964m alt.) operated by IFU/FHG, - Izana,Tenerife (28.3°N, 16.5°W, 2367m alt.) operated by IMK, - Kitt Peak, USA (31.9N, 111.6W, 2090m alt.) operated by LaRC. (3) around the tropics: - Mauna Loa, Hawaii (19.54°N, 155.58°W, 3397m alt.) operated by Denver University. (4) at southern mid- to-low latitudes: - Lauder, New Zealand (45.05°S, 169.68°E, 370m alt.) operated by NIWA, - Wollongong, Australia (34.45°S, 150.88°E, 30m alt.) operated by University of Wollongong. (5) in south polar regions: - Arrival heights, Antarctica (77.85°S, 166.78°E, 190m alt.) operated by NIWA/UDE.

Data availability

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Methods & Procedures

Not specified

Additional Information

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Other institutes involved in the project

Co-Investigators: (1) T. BLUMENSTOCK, IMK/FzK, Germany, blumi@imk.fzk.de (2) N. JONES, S. WOOD, B. CONNOR, NIWA, New Zealand, jones@kea.lauder.cri.nz (3) M. DE MAZIERE, J.-C. LAMBERT, BIRA-IASB, Belgium, martine@oma.be (4) R. ZANDER, ULG, Belgium, zander@astro.ulg.ac.be (5) H. FAST, AES, Canada, hans.fast@cec.gc.ca (6) B. GALLE, IVL, Sweden, Bo.Galle@ivl.se (7) D. GRIFFITH, University of Wollongong, Australia, Dave_Griffith@uow.edu.au (8) F.J. MURCRAY, A. GOLDMAN, UDE, CO, USA, murcray@ram.phys.du.edu (9) Y. KONDO, STEL, Japan, kondo@stelab.nagoya-u.ac.jp (10) A. MEIER, IRF, Sweden, ameier@irf.se (11) J. NOTHOLT, AWI, Germany, jnotholt@awi-potsdam.de (12) C.P. RINSLAND, LaRC, USA, rinsland@riscbox.larc.nasa.gov (13) R. SUSSMANN, FHG, Germany, sussmann@ifu.fhg.de (14) C. PATON-WALSH, NPL, Great-Britain, cpw@newton.npl.co.uk (15) Y. ORSOLINI, NILU, Norway, orsolini@nilu.no

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(1) Links with the NDSC/WMO: Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change/World Meteorological Organisation.

Other related projects

COSE, ENVISAT AO projects: - AO ID 158, PI J.-C. Lambert: CINAMON : characterisation, interpretation, application and maturation of key ozone- related ENVISAT-1 level-2 products, using correlative observations associated with the NDSC. - AO ID 130, PI R. Zander: Global study of inorganic chlorine and fluorine loading in the Earth’s atmosphere, based on correlative measurements by ENVISAT-1 and at 10 NDSC sites.

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