COSE: Compilation of atmospheric Observations in support of Satellite measurements over Europe

Updated 2003-06-24

The overall objective of COSE is to provide the Earth Observation (EO) user community with a validated, consistent and well-documented data set of mainly stratospheric constituent columns and/or profiles, by co-ordination of ground-based observations at existing stations in Europe. The data set builds on past and ongoing time series, and will be archived in a dedicated database for immediate and future exploitation, e.g., satellite validation activities, data assimilation and scientific studies. Active participation of some representative EO customers will assure that the delivered data sets come up to their requirements.

Time frame

Project time span
1998 - 2000
Data collection
1998 - 2000
Data processing
not specified
Data reporting
1998 - 2000

Contact information

Contact person
Martine M.H.J. De Mazière
Belgisch Instituut voor Ruimte-Aëronomie (BIRA-IASB) Ringlaan 3 B-1180 Brussel Belgium
+32 2 373 03 63
+32 2 374 84 23
Other project contacts
(1) (2) European Commission, Research DG, 4th Framework Programme, Environment and Climate Programme

Parameters and Media

Parameter groups measured/observed/modelled
Climate change effects
Media sampled/studied/modelled


Regions studied
Climate change effects
Climate change effects
Stations or areas where observations are made

Geographic area: essentially Western Europe (40°N to 80°N)

Data availability

References to key publications (or planned publications) and data reports
Samples/specimens archived in specimen banks?

Methods & Procedures

Not specified

Additional Information

Is this a bi- AND multi-lateral project (i.e. a project involving cooperation between different countries)?
Other institutes involved in the project

Is this project reporting to other organizations/programmes?

(1) Links with the NDSC/WMO: Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change/World Meteorological Organisation.

Other related projects

QUILT, various ENVISAT AO projects: e.g.: - AO ID 126-PI M. De Mazière: Validation of ENVISAT-1 level-2 products related to lower atmosphere O3 and NOY chemistry by an FTIR quasi-global network. - AO ID 158-PI J.-C. Lambert: CINAMON : characterisation, interpretation, application and maturation of key ozone- related ENVISAT-1 level-2 products, using correlative observations associated with the NDSC.

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