CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring & Assessment Network (CARMA)

Updated 2012-07-23

The main objective is to monitor and assess the impacts of global change on the Human-Rangifer System across the Arctic through cooperation, both geographically and across disciplines. CARMA is a network of researchers, managers and community people that share information on the status of the world's wild Rangifer (reindeer and caribou) populations and how they are affected by global changes (e.g. climate change and industrial development). CARMA is primarily focussed on the status of most of the large migratory Rangifer herds and thus, as yet, do not deal with woodland caribou and Peary caribou in North America or forest and marine reindeer in Fennoscandia and Russia. As well, the do not deal with domestic reindeer or the herding economy. Network type: - Networking - Data, experience and knowledge exchange

Time frame

Project time span
2003 -
Data collection
2003 -
Data processing
2003 -
Data reporting
2003 -

Contact information

Contact person
- -

Don Russell (coordinator, synthesis), Anne Gunn (demography, synthesis), Roy Ashenfelter (community, Alaska) Susan Kutz (parasites and disease), Brad Griffith (habitat/remote sensing), Gary Kofinas (co-management), Robert White (synthesis, analysis) John Mameamskum (community, Ungava)

Parameters and Media

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Regions studied
Arctic, Circumpolar

Data availability

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Methods & Procedures

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CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring & Assessment Network (CARMA)

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