Measurement and Modeling the Mercury Depletion Events in the Arctic at the Ny-Ålesund Site

Updated 2003-07-16

One of the major benefits of performing measurements at Ny-Ålesund is the availability of a monitoring station on Mount Zeppelin, 474m asl. Given the typical height of the Arctic inversion layer during the envisaged measurement period, it will be possible to continuously monitor mercury and particulate in the free troposphere at the same time as performing ground level monitoring. The simultaneous measurements above and below the boundary layer should provide evidence for the mode of elemental Hg replenishment, whether it is from due to exchange with the free troposphere, or transport occurring at sea level. The proposed collaboration, by collecting data from two strategically placed Arctic stations, in the paths of different air masses and data from above the Arctic inversion layer would provide the most comprehensive set of Arctic mercury measurements performed to date.

Time frame

Project time span
2003 - 2008
Data collection
2003 - 2008
Data processing
not specified
Data reporting
not specified

Contact information

Contact person
Istituto sull’Inquinamento Atmosferico (IIA) CNR – Sezione di Rende c/o UNICAL-Polifunzionale 87036 Rende
+39 984 493239/493213
+39 984 493215

Parameters and Media

Parameter groups measured/observed/modelled
Heavy metals
Other metals/elements
Media sampled/studied/modelled


Regions studied
Other metals/elements
Other metals/elements
Other metals/elements

Data availability

Samples/specimens archived in specimen banks?

Methods & Procedures

Not specified

Additional Information

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